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Where are you going?

What are you going to do?

How will you get there?

We can help.

Our Process

1. Understanding Yourself

The first step in finding the right college fit is self-reflection. What are your strengths? What's your favorite subject? How do you enjoy spending your free time? What are your goals?

We help put you on the right path with different tools, including the YouScience assessment.

We believe in taking the time to reflect before diving into the process.

2. Your High School Experience

After understanding your interests and goals, we can help you maximize your college options by assisting you with high school course selection, standarized test strategies, leadership opportunities, summer experiences, and other extracurricular activities.

We believe in the value of experiences and building on your genuine passions.  

3. Finding the Right College Fit

Now that you've beefed up your resume, it's time to get serious about options, and there a lot of them, with over 3,000 colleges in the US. You have a distinctive personality and so does each school.  There's more to a school than just numbers.  We help you narrow down your choices and plan your college visits. 

We believe students should apply to a wide range of schools.

4. The Application Process

Completing your application, writing your essay, preparing for intereviews and applying for financial aid / scholarships. We've done it. We know what's expected. We keep you on track, organized and cheer for you along the way.  Once you receive your acceptance letters, we'll help you evaluate your choices to make the best decision.  


We believe students can be succesful and happy at more than one school. 

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